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Warm, Caring and Nurturing Child Care

Claverham Day Nursery opened in 1995. We are a popular, well established nursery that provides high quality childcare for those aged 3 months to 5 years.

Open from 8.15am to 5.45pm weekdays, 51 weeks of the year
(we are closed for one week at Christmas and on bank holidays).

To arrange a visit to the nursery please call us on the number below.

'Places Available'

Contact us for more details:
01424 774548 or nursery@claverham.org

Children behave very well. Very young children are supported to learn how to manage their own feelings and older children are given consistent explanations for acceptable behaviour and boundaries, helping them to build on important social skills.

Ofsted April 2017

Claverham Day Nursery

Claverham Day Nursery is owned by East Sussex County Council and situated in the grounds of Claverham Community College.

Our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of care and education within a safe and stimulating environment.

Sarah has 28 years experience in Early Years Childcare and has managed Claverham Day Nursery for 18 years.

The Nursery Rooms

We are registered to care for a maximum of 42 children. We offer 6 places in the baby room, 12 in the toddler room and 24 in the family room. We believe it is important to keep numbers low in the early stages of development so that children feel loved and secure.

All children in the nursery are assigned to a key worker who will give them time and support to develop at their own pace.

The rooms are available for children in the following age ranges:

  • Baby Room - 3 months - 2 years
  • Toddler Room - 2 years to 3 years
  • Family Room - 3 years to 5 years

Settling In

Some children will settle very quickly and others will need more reassurance. We offer pre visits where you and your child can meet the staff and children, this also gives you the time to talk with your key worker to ensure a smooth transition between home and nursery. Every child is an individual and no one can be sure how a child will react to starting nursery.

Thank you so much for looking after me. You have shown me love when I’m sad, given hugs when I have done well and have helped me grow into a happy big boy. I love all my grown ups at nursery and look forward to coming every week.

Mr & Mrs F

Our SEN and Disability offer

How does the pre-school / nursery know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child has special educational needs?

All staff at Claverham Day Nursery hold appropriate childcare qualifications and have a good sound knowledge of child development. Your child will be allocated a keyworker who they are able to build up a good relationship with. Through this system we pride ourselves on our strong parent partnership and find that we are able to talk freely with our parents about any concerns they may have regarding their child’s development.

We use a Learning Journey to collate evidence about your child’s time with us at nursery. We will observe your child’s activities and, through these observations, staff are able to build up a picture of your child’s interests and needs.

How will the pre-school / nursery support my child with special educational needs?

You will work closely with your child’s keyworker who will be supported by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) to ensure that your child’s needs are being fully met. Your child will have their own Setting Support Plan (SSP) or an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), depending on their specific needs.

Regular progress meetings and transition meetings are held to review your child’s progress and next steps are discussed with parents, keyworkers and SENCO. We work alongside other professionals and jointly agree targets for the SSP.


    Every child is planned for individually. The SENCO and keyworker work together to produce a SSP with achievable targets. The SSP is explained to the parent and they sign and keep a copy. At the end of the plan we invite parents in to discuss progress and set a new plan.


    The keyworker works on the SSP targets set each week and records the child’s progress towards them by way of photos and written observations.


    When the SSP period comes to an end the SENCO and keyworker will discuss whether the targets have been achieved and set new targets or continue with the existing.


    By regular meetings with the parents and keyworkers we can discuss the child’s progress and work together to achieve the goals set.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child / young person will receive?

We try and match our resources with a child’s individual needs to enable them to join in and have a sense of achievement in completing the activity. If specialist equipment is required we can apply for additional funding. The professionals that work alongside the nursery often supply additional specialist resources for us and our families to use.

A meeting with you will be arranged and the needs of your child would be discussed with you in confidence. If parents are in agreement, the Nursery Manager will complete relevant forms to apply for funding to employ an INA if needed. If your child does not need an INA to support them, individual support sessions in a quieter environment in the nursery will be used, such as during speech and language time. This programme will be led by the SENCO and undertaken by your child’s keyworker.

For further information please click here.

How will the pre-school / nursery review my child’s progress and how shall they share it with me?

We use a parent / nursery contact book system that you can write in to communicate with us, and similarly we can write to you regarding relevant information. We may sometimes ask you to help us at home with some of the activities that we do at nursery, to support your child’s learning. Outside professionals also provide relevant resources for us to work with in nursery and will provide a second copy for you and your child to use at home. Verbal contact takes place on a daily basis with your keyworker. You will also receive regular reports on your child’s progress. Additional meetings are always available by request; please email or telephone to arrange.

We have a six week settling in meeting for new starters and we do a termly unique child report and consultation with the parents. In the summer term before school we complete a transition document which goes to the child chosen school.

SEN additional – The SSP is reviewed every six weeks with a meeting with parents to discuss progress and set new targets. We share progress from other agencies involved such as speech and language, physiotherapist, play therapy etc.

We have a good rapport with Battle Children’s Centre and leaflets regarding parental courses/sessions are displayed on our parent notice board. Makaton training and other courses are often available for parents whose children have speech and language difficulties.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

All staff are trained Early Years Practitioners. We provide warm, caring and nurturing child care, creating a friendly and stimulating learning environment tailored to the individual. Staff are paediatric first aid trained and should any specialist medication need to be administered, the relevant staff would attend training, to ensure appropriate support. We want all our children to feel that they are a valued part of our nursery community.

Support for well being:

Pastoral Designated keyworker / INA
Medical All staff hold a paediatric first aid certificate
Social Designated keyworker / INA
Small group work with a child they get along with
Behaviour behaviour management policy and risk assessment policy

What training do the staff have in supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities?

Our SENCO attends Inclusion Support Group meetings on a regular basis to update her knowledge. Staff are encouraged to attend any relevant training to support their role as a keyworker and information gained from these training courses is shared with the rest of the team at the next staff meeting.

The SENCO and the manager will work closely with relevant professionals and cascade the knowledge to other people in the setting.

What specialist services and support are available to the pre-school / nursery?

Our SENCO attends regular training and update sessions to further her knowledge and experience. Some of our staff have a good knowledge of Makaton. We have good links with the Speech and Language Therapy Service, Early Years Teaching and Support Service, a play therapist, a physiotherapist, psychologist and occupational health. These professionals visit the nursery and are able to advise in their specific area. Claverham Day Nursery has access to the full range of Local Authority specialist services.

For further information please click here.

How will my child / young person be included in activities outside the pre-school / nursery, including trips?

We aim to provide each child with the opportunity to access all that the nursery has to offer. If needed, an individual needs assistant (INA) will support your child. We have extensive grounds that we can use for outdoor learning.When relevant a risk assessment may be completed on your child to ensure they remain safe at all times.

How accessible is the pre-school / nursery?

The whole nursery is wheelchair accessible. We have a dedicated disabled parking space for relevant parents to use. All furniture and equipment is at the child’s level and toys and resources are easily accessible to all of our children.

We have clearly labelled boxes using photos and text. This enables our children who have little or no language skills to tell us what they want. Every room has a visual timetable, photos and text labelling all at the child’s level. Additional resources will be made up for individual child’s needs. At present we do not have a hearing loop but would apply for funding if required.

We have a separate nappy changing area and toilet facilities. The cubicles are large enough to have grab handles fitted if needed. The end cubicle could be fitted out to accommodate a child with additional needs with hand rails and seat. We ensure that we provide a fully inclusive service for parents/carers and their families. We welcome and value the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that children with English as an additional language bring to the nursery.

How will the pre-school / nursery help my child move on to school?

When your child is due to move on from nursery to primary school the keyworker or INA will have completed a transition document and a meeting will be arranged to discuss your child’s needs at school. There will be a meeting at nursery with the parent/s, keyworker, SENCO, manager and INA. The receiving school will visit your child at nursery to get to know them a little and will encourage your child to visit the school to familiarise them with their new environment. If required a meeting can be arranged between nursery, school and parents to discuss your child’s transition, share documents from other agencies involved and submit SSP’s showing current progress.

Give us your views about this information

Contact localoffer@eastsussex.gov.uk or call Information for Families 0345 60 80 192

More information, advice and support

The local offer - what is available for children and young people with special educational needs in East Sussex

Information for Families (including SEN and disability advice service)
Phone: 03456 080192
Text: 07797 870317
email: informationforfamilies@eastsussex.gov.uk
Date issued: December 2016
Review due: December 2017

I have never had to worry about her coming to you and that is all down to you – your care and provision is fantastic. We are so grateful to you for looking after her, loving her, encouraging her and providing her a safe and stimulating environment in which she can learn.

Mr & Mrs P


Indoor Environment

The indoor environment is made up of three rooms based upon the developmental stage of the children.

Baby Room
Toddler Room
Family Room

The indoor environment provides a safe, secure yet challenging space for children. Each room contains resources which are appropriate for the ages range of the child, well maintained and accessible for all children. Each space is planned so that they can be used flexibly and an appropriate range of activities is provided.

Outdoor Environment

The nursery has a large garden and decking area for children to play in. Being outdoors has a positive impact on a child's sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children's development. The outdoor environment offers opportunities for doing things in a different way and on different scales compared to being indoors.

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Thank you all so much for making my sons time at nursery so special. Thank you for all the support, encouragement and time you have put in to help him grow. I’m very glad I chose Claverham for my children.

Miss A.S

Nursery Fees

September 2019

For your convenience our fees include nappies and food.

Session Baby Room
3mths - 2yrs £4.85ph
Toddler Room
Family Room
Food Included?
8.15am - 9am
£4.94 £4.75 £4.60 Breakfast
9am - 12 noon
£14.55 £13.80 £13.20 No
12 noon - 1pm
£7.15 £6.90 £6.70 Hot Lunch
9am - 1pm
£21.70 £20.70 £19.90 Hot Lunch
1pm - 4pm
£14.55 £13.80 £13.20 No
1pm - 5pm
£20.70 £19.70 £18.90 Light tea
5pm - 5.45pm
£3.64 £3.45 £3.30 No
Short Day
9am - 4pm
£36.25 £34.50 £33.10 Hot Lunch
All Day
9am - 5pm
£42.40 £40.40 £38.80 Hot Lunch/
Light Tea
All Day
9am - 5.45pm
£46.04 £43.85 £42.10 Hot Lunch/
Light Tea
All Day
8.15am - 5pm
£47.34 £45.15 £43.40 Breakfast/Hot Lunch
/Light tea
All Day
8.15am- 5.45pm
£50.98 £48.60 £46.70 Breakfast/Hot Lunch
/Light Tea

Our fees are based on an hourly rate plus any cost of food within the sessions.

If you book 5 full days 8.15-5.45pm there will be a £15 per month discount for anyone not receiving Early Years funding.

Food is charged at the following rates. These are already included in the cost of the above sessions:

  • Breakfast £1.30
  • Hot Lunch £2.30
  • Light Tea £1.30

Fees are payable by the 7th of each month. Failure to pay may jeopardise your child’s place.

The leadership team is completely dedicated in its role and this is reflected in the strong team it supports and values. It has very high expectations for itself, for the staff and for the children in their care.

Ofsted April 2017

Nursery Staff

Management Team

Sarah Hennessy
Nursery Manager
Liz Case
Deputy Manager

Baby Room

Margaret Jones
Bet Heys

Toddler Room

Kris Roud
Individual Needs
Jo Ansermoz
Liz Case
Emma Keeler

Family Room

Hilary Mann
Laura Hemsley
Katherine Batehup
Claire Hayes


Dianne Johnson
Kristin Casey
Jane Beeden
Luke Gallivan-Young


Wioletta Kacica
I want to say the biggest thank you for all your help and input on the upbringing of our three children during their time at nursery. There has never been a day whilst under your care that I’ve ever had to worry they weren’t getting the best care possible!!. I have never/will never be able to praise and recommend Claverham enough for being such a friendly loving learning environment.

Mr & Mrs C

Early Years Foundation Stage

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This relates to each stage of a child's development from birth to the end of their first year (Reception) in school. During the pre visit you will be given a copy of the parent's Guide to the EYFS, this will explain the curriculum that we will be following for your child.

EYFS is divided into three Prime areas and four Specific areas of learning:

    Prime Areas

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical Development

    Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Staff carefully assess the needs of each individual child and provide appropriate and stimulating activities based on their current interests to help them achieve new developmental milestones.

Children see no distinction between work and play - children learn through play!

Staff provide exciting and interesting activities and resources that help children to, overall, explore, investigate and become motivated in their own learning.

Ofsted April 2017

Nursery Policies

As with all other nursery establishments we have a variety of policies in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all the children we look after, whilst at the same time ensuring all pupils are able to make suitable achievements.

The policies that are of most interest to parents can be found in the Parents Policy Booklet or the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) booklet. The online versions of these documents are password protected and the password would have been supplied to you when your child joined Claverham Day Nursery. Please speak to your childs key worker if you cannot remember the password.

Weekend Sheet

As a nursery we encourage our parents to complete our "Weekend sheets" in order to promote children's home lives within nursery. We have produced a sheet entitled 'What I did at the weekend', it is hoped that you as parents will fill in one of these sheets with your child about what you have done at the weekend. Click Here for more information.

Thank you for all you have done for our children over the past five years. We knew from the moment Sarah showed us around the nursery that was the place that we felt confident in leaving our children. You have provided a safe and caring environment to develop their emotional wellbeing and have given them an excellent foundation in their social and academic learning.

Mr & Mrs H

Useful Links

Claverham Community College


East Sussex Child Care Information

Information for Families

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Nursery closure due to severe weather letter

Advice on Child Safety


Child Accident Prevention Trust



Safe Kids

Safe Network

Advice on Preventing Cot Death

Department of Health

Lullaby Trust

Additional Helpful Information

A Parents Guide to The EYFS

Guidance on food and drink provision in early years

Advice about Breast Feeding

Teach your Child Phonics

Children develop well from their starting points and staff respect children as individuals and support their own interests and choices.

Ofsted April 2017

Contact the nursery

E-mail: nursery@claverham.org
Phone: 01424 774548


Mrs Sarah Hennessy
Claverham Day Nursery
Claverham Community College
North Trade Road
East Sussex
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